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The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2 23 21 – VIDEO

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The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2 23 21 – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

It’s Tuesday.

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The Matt Masur Show 2-23-21
Hey, top of the morning to, yeah. That Matt masur show coming to you live here on Twitch TV. They don’t emphasize the TV part very much. Do they? I mean, it’s obviously in the web address, measure, but like TV’s old school. Right. And they’re trying to get away from that. That’s kind of what Twitch is.
It’s a new generation. Interesting random half-awake thoughts. I was up late last night doing something very important. I was watching the movie. Ski school from 1990. This is a classic gym that I discovered just because it, it came on on HBO after I watched something else. And I don’t regret it even though I am, you know, probably a little behind the eight ball as I should be.
But it’s all good. We got a lot going on today, here on the show. I got a lot going on after the show. It’s a busy, hectic time, but I want to thank you for joining me this morning, here on the mat masur show. Please remember to like follow and subscribe on all the platforms
I got YouTube. We got. ITunes podcasts, Spotify podcast, personally, my preference, if you’re going to listen to podcasts, it doesn’t really matter where you go. You could go to three, one, five masur. That’s the shows home base. That’s that’s the link in the right there, right there. If you go to that place.
That’s got everything right? That’s all the content is there. You can listen to the MP3s if you want to download your podcast manually. Although I don’t really know anybody that does that. Most people use the directories. So that’s why we are in iTunes and Spotify and all those in Spotify. I just am a Spotify fan.
I’m not a, an Apple fan boy. So that’s my go-to for podcasts, but hell grabbing anywhere. Share it tell your friends there’s a radical, leftist, obnoxious business owner, douchebag who has a great daily podcast. See, I’ll even write the posts for you. I’ll make it really easy. Today we have got a wide variety of things going on.
We’ve got some news, we’ve got some news. It’s not awesome. We’ve got some funny things to talk about. And then later in the show, we’re going to try it. Yeah. I guess you’d call it a bit. It’ll be the first bit we’re doing on the return of the Matt masur show. But what we’ve done is I’ve got some local news stories taken from Facebook and I’ve got some of the.
The real genius, maggot, Q Anon winner comments that seemed to be quite prevalent under the local news stories. And we’re going to respond to them or I’m going to respond to them the way I wish that I could on Facebook, can’t say the right things or the things I’d like to say on Facebook anymore. For fear of the.
Magical. As I said yesterday, the the phrase that pays, except in this case, whatever that magical phrases today changes by the day it’s, you’re thrown in Facebook jail. I don’t really want to be thrown at Facebook. I’m already sort of in Facebook jail. Right now I can’t go live on Facebook. Now which the irony of that is of course we’re on Twitch because I’ve made the conscious decision to say, fuck Facebook and fuck their live algorithm.
I don’t want anything to do with it. That’s why we’re on Twitch. And we’re building up the live portion of my content exclusively on Twitch on a multistream I’ve picked my platform for that and an, a Facebook, but Facebook Has me in 30 days, I can’t go live on it if I wanted to, because of a political cartoon, not even a meme, a political cartoon that I shared in 2019, it just randomly the other day said, Hey we don’t like this.
And I, I guess I should be happy that they didn’t lock down my account completely for that. But that’s what I keep telling people diversify. And have places that you can send people that eccentric billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, can’t decide to throw you off of, on a whim as ever right. To do that.
It’s his place plan accordingly. So we got this story and. I’m going to get to the right slide. There we go. We got this story and I’ll be honest. It’s, it’s sad and we’re seeing more and more of it. And what I’m talking about here are these gender reveal parties gone wrong. Now, listen, I don’t, I don’t want to just be the guy who just shits on these things for the sake of shitting on them.
I don’t want to be the old guy that like, Oh, what are these new fangled it, but it’s a little goofy and we’ve clearly taken them too far. People are literally fucking dying. I don’t, I don’t understand the draw to this, you know? Ooh, it’s a surprise. All right, cool. But. Can we just not that’s that’s that’s the best I can say.
Can we, can we just not? And why Matt? What are you talking about? Well, here in the news, upstate New York man killed trying to make explosive device for gender reveal party. We used to have to worry about like the nut balls and the terrorists blowing themselves up. But this is just like a soon to be dad trying to fit in with the trend.
Unfortunately it blew up in his face, literally. That’s, that’s not even, I’m not even trying to make a joke there. Here’s a story that says out of Liberty, New York, upstate New York man was killed. We’ll try and make an explosive device for a gender reveal party. I wonder there’s not much many details to this.
I gotta wonder, like what, what is your process for that? What the fuck do you Google? How to make a homemade explosive device and how do you do that and not get like government agents on your door.
And also, I guess like, if you, if you’re a, want to be bad guy, You know, nowadays they use your Google history and all that shit in court against you. Couldn’t you just say, well, no, I was just, I wasn’t turning to like blow off a building. I was just trying to build a gender reveal. Holy fuck. I don’t there, there are some people, they will make some crass jokes like this guy deserved it or this dumb bastard, but I’m not, I don’t, I don’t subscribe to that.
No. This guy was trying to do something fun. That’s popular, but this just highlights how shitty it was. Christopher Pickney, 28 years old, this poor bastard. He’s building a device for a gender reveal party when it exploded, killing him and injuring his brother.
Fuck. Can you imagine like, Getting ready to celebrate the birth of a child in somebody dies in the process. It’s just fucking horrible, man. And unfortunately, like it’s not even all that rare. Cause when I tried to pull up video for this story, I couldn’t find it. It’s a brand new story. And I guess, I don’t know.
No, no news outlet has covered it on camera yet maybe, but. I did find a whole bunch of others. Best occasion at this rural Knoxville home ended in tragedy. Late Saturday afternoon, we received this press release that reads in part the Marion County Sheriff’s office received a nine one one call of an explosion agenda reveal announcement resulted in the explosion, which caused a fly piece of debris to strike the victim.
A 56 year old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. No, unfortunately, it’s just a matter of a projectile that wasn’t even like the, the, you know, the bomb exploded on the person. It went, boom, a piece went flying shrapnel, I guess you would say, not take long and horrible spread through Knoxville. We spoke with people on the town square.
I’m sure. No one thought that this could end tragically. I mean, who would’ve thought Gary Roosevelt, where do they find this guy tweet? He needs to be like a cartoon voiceover actor. This guy is great. Jim is a retired pastor in town and has lived in Knoxville for more than two decades. He tells us the tragedy is still sinking in my heart.
Just sank for the family. I mean, it’s something. Yeah. That’s the obvious reaction, sir. A gunshot at a gender reveal party sparked the $8 million fire. Oh yeah. So. This wasn’t a case of somebody immediately dying. This was sparking in massive wildfire. Again. Can we just, can we just stop with these things?
Can we go back? You know what, when I was young, I remember my mom, you used to do this thing. When folks, they know folks in the family, whatever were be pregnant and they’d have the baby shower, they do this like gender reveal thing with Hershey bars. And there was like something with the, her or he, and they played some game.
Like, can we just go back to doing like cute shower games that don’t involve firearms or explosives? That’s all I ask the target packed with a blue and an explosive powder. Don’t get me wrong. I like blowing shit up just as much as the next guy, but. We’re getting out of hand. My friends night of the blaze, when they expecting father at off duty border patrol agent sired, his rifle, it took 600 firefighters weeks to control residents.
Now, outraged, there are times of the year that the people in the know here would never, ever bring a weapon out into this dry grass. It’s a tinderbox in a plea deal. Dennis Dickey agreed to five years, probation and eight. You got to. You got to almost wonder, like you’re going to be this stupid and now be raising a child.
Help us, all my friends, Jack and Mo cook and show checking in on the chat. What’s going on.
It’s a gender reveal party
right in the Dick. All right. We can end on a, this, this story on a high note here, cause this one’s just funny. Let’s say that they’ll probably play it again. The blue powder hits dad, right where the sun don’t shine down. Dad goes, gave it to me the wrong fuck. Oh, this is great.
I’ve not actually watched this clip before the show. This is wonderful. We’re watching this together. Everyone has a big laugh except hold on. So. I guess I can’t see what the other end looks like, but it looks like he’s holding it the right way that the top looks the same as hers. And also, while they’re worried about this poor guy, what about this poor little child here that just got Smurfs for dad?
We’ll be having any more kids
would argue it was the right man. Apparently it’s a boy. It’s a stunning landmark, a hundred thousand D has been in wife. I got more of these, but enough of this let’s let’s, let’s end it on the I don’t know if you’d call that a high note, but anytime a dude gets hilariously hitting the Dick. It’s kind of a high note though, right?
Jack says that’s one way to get them to not reproduce right. Roy,
what do we got? I opened way too many of these.
I don’t want to do this story yet.
This is a great story. We’re going to do this one. Mike Lindell, the, my pillow guy. And I do love that. He’s now just known as the MyPillow guy, even in the news. He’s just, you know, he sounds like a character on Sesame street. Hey, my pillow guy, what’s your crazy conspiracy today? What dominion voting these folks?
Might be new superheroes. What do I mean by that? They’re a company that is big enough has enough money has enough motivation and has a strong enough case to go after all that these motherfuckers now keep in mind. Mike Lindell is just the latest. Their first round was with the news organizations, Newsmax OAN.
They made those guys shit, their pants. If you remember, we watched the clip where Michael and Dell went on a one of those wacky places. I don’t remember which one was OAN. I think maybe it was the other one, whatever, the same garbage, but he started spewing this stuff and this was after they had, they had been sued and they freaked out the, the host got up and walked off the.
The set, but Lindell kept slinging it. Even after people were getting sued, even after people were telling him, Mike, shut the fuck up. They will come for you too. And they do, they’re suing him for $1.3 billion billion with a B.
And I don’t think they’re going to settle. This isn’t a thing where they’re, they’re in it for the revenue.
This could potentially fingers crossed destroy this idiot Minneapolis dominion voting system. Finally, 1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against CEO and founder of my pillow. Mike Lindell. For falsely accusing the company of rigging the 20, 20 presidential election
dominion accused Lyndall of repeatedly telling what the lawsuit labels as the big lie that the company used its technology to steal the election from Trump or for Trump. Yeah, from Trump.
it’s a quote from the lawsuit. No amount of money can repair the damage that’s been done by these lies, which are easily disproved, easily, hundreds of documented audits and recounts of proven dominion machines accurately counted the votes. We look forward to proving these facts in a court of law. The lawsuit says, now the thing to note is Mike Lindell fans.
AKA people whose necks hurt after sleeping on their MyPillow are happy about this. They’ll tell you, Oh, this is great. This is what Mike wanted. He’s going to get his day in court. And he’s going to use that to highlight all this information that nobody in no court wanted to hear, even though 60 courts reviewed and throughout this bullshit.
It’s been disproven every which way from Sunday. But they’re excited because he’s going to get the sling it one more time in court.
The reality is though it is all bullshit and whether or not Mike Lindell. I think Mike Lindell knows that I, I think that he’s playing the game, but even if he wasn’t. The thing about Michael and Dell is I’m going to get to the right fucking screen. If it kills me. The thing about Michael and Dell is that he’s going to have lawyers that know that.
And regardless of what he might want to do, if he listens to them at all, he’s not going to be slinging this bullshit on the court. Stand. That’s not going to be the approach, that’s going to win his case. So I think the fans are going to be really disappointed when discovery comes and he doesn’t even attempt to sling these lies.
One more time. I don’t know, in any way, shape or form, it could be really fun to watch really fun to watch. And I hope, honestly, I hope that we get some like actual video testimony from people like I don’t remember her name, but that, that woman, that Rudy Giuliani brought to the hearing on the dominion voting, she was like half and life.
She was a better SNL parody than SNL did of her. Yeah, they drunk broadly. You’re you’re right. All right. I don’t remember what her name was,
but it’s wild. Speaking of wild,
you see if I can kill these pop-ups before I put this on the fucking screen here. There we go. Megan McCain. Good old Meghan McCain.
Meghan McCain is somebody that when she popped on the scene many years ago, when her father was running for office, she was about my age and I really dug her. And here’s why, first of all, at the time, she seemed like a real liberal. She, I actually remember when she actually registered as a Republican because her father was running for president on the Republican ticket.
Like I don’t, I don’t even blame you for that, but she wasn’t before he was running for president the whole time he was in office as a Republican, lifelong, she was an independent and. She had a lot of like normal person, common sense takes. And even when against some of the types of things that our conservative superhero father believed in, you know, she, she was, she was rational.
And then she got this job on the view, couple of years back this talk show and. I feel like she’s decided she’s got to play a particular part and she’s not good at it. But in this particular thing, she goes off on Dr. Fowchee. Let’s just, let’s just. The fact that I, Megan McCain co-host of the view D I don’t know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine because the rollout for my age range and my health is so nebulous.
I have no idea when and how, like, what the fuck does that? What I am your age range? I am eligible. I don’t know where you live, obviously your family’s from Arizona. Pretty sure. The view is taped in New York. I don’t know if she lives in New York, if she does. There’s probably a qualifying condition for her now under the new guidelines, can’t guarantee it, but, but most likely, and you can look this shit up.
It’s not like, I don’t know what I can do like that, that information is out there, my friend, but let’s keep going. I can get it. I want to get it. If you call me at three o’clock in the morning, I will go any place at any time to get it. I want to be responsible and obviously wait my turn, but this rollout has been what the fuck?
What even happened?
Fuck you.
The fact that I made has been a disaster. And I understand obviously president Trump can take much of the blame, but now we’re in the Biden administration. I for one would like something to look forward to and to hope for because of getting the votes not to defend Biden, but he stepped up the vaccine rollout the fuck.
Are you talking about exactly? Jack says, what the hell does her being a co-host on the view have to deal with her turn to get a vaccine. Exactly. You heard that like angry, privileged, just sweeps the buck slip out there.
I’m I’m, I’m a host of a big talk show. Hawkum Ida. And the reality is like, she probably could use that to get herself ahead of the line. But she’s just going to bitch. Vaccine means that just because this is what I’m saying, this is the part that she believes, and maybe people are telling her that she has to play.
This is how she believes she has to act to earn her paycheck on the view. And maybe it’s true. Maybe that’s what the producers tell her. Like you gotta be the idiot, right. Wing woman. Thing changes. And we have to wait another few years until everyone gets it. It there’s already a lot of people not getting it.
We’re already pro having a messaging problem, getting people to take this vaccine. So I I’m over Dr. Fi what are you talking about? Oh, gee, I think we need to have more people giving more opinions. And I honestly, quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should, should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these places that are doing this successfully.
There it is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve heard all day. We should get rid of Dr. Fowchee and find someone who understands science and can speak to other countries.
Other Dr. Fowchee just got a million dollar award from Israel for his work in science. Israel is another country. Sounds like other countries are pretty cool with Dr. Fowchee. Also Dr. Fowchee has absolutely nothing to do with the fucking vaccine rollout. It’s not his department. He’s not the logistics guy.
Also that’s being handled on the state level. So again, you’re just, it’s, it’s the right wing drum like, Oh, Dr. Fowchee bad. We’re going to, we’re going to bash him for everything regarding COVID. And, and don’t get me wrong. You saw me flip the fuck out about the vaccine situation last week, but the challenges of getting an appointment, but again, it’s a state and local thing.
Dr. Fowchee. Ain’t got shit to do with it already. So she may have been a liberal, but she’s gone full Republican. She really has. She really has. And it’s sad. And like I said, I, I really feel like it’s a matter of playing the part. Right.
But I don’t know, man. It’s fucked up. It’s fucked up. Please. Come back. Meghan McCain. We’d like to, when you were. Not blaming Dr. Fowchee and claiming he doesn’t understand science, like what
fucking, what I, I can’t even which store to go to next.
Which story to go to next? Fuck. Let’s do a little alright, let’s get into this fun thing. We’ll see how fun it is. So we’ll get this on the screen, blow it up a little bit. So on Facebook, I’m on there all the time, right? And
you used to be able to kind of speak your mind. Now I get, listen. I’ve really tried to limit. Personally attacking, insulting, whatever. Right? Cause it’s, it’s not really all that cool at the same time, as I always say the philosophy that I live by, there’s a time and a place for everything. And there’s a certain time when people say certain things.
That pointing out. You’re a fucking idiot. Isn’t appropriate response. Zuckerberg. Doesn’t agree though. And these days you have to be careful even pointing out facts, forget any sort of insult, but just using the wrong terms. Nowadays, like I mentioned earlier, I got zapped for a political cartoon that I didn’t make.
You know, in, in their quest for making things better, they’re making a bit of a mess. Right. But again, so be it, but my thought was, you know, what commenting or replying to these folks, arguing with these people is a few tile endeavor. Cause first and foremost, they don’t give a fuck. Right? Any rational facts, anything like this that I could possibly present is not news to them.
Other people have been trying to present these facts and they’re not sinking in and they ain’t going to this time. And I’m saying this as a reminder to myself, more than anybody else arguing with these
Brain dead morons or more obsessed with the loser criminal president of the past than anything else. It’s a few tile endeavor, but sometimes it can be entertaining. So I thought, fuck Facebook will bring the content to a different platform. So, This segment is called. Let’s see if I can get to the right thing.
This segment is called the dumbest strong around here.
And listen in speaking with a lot of folks, I’m going to highlight my central New York local news stories in the comments underneath them. It’s my understanding that this isn’t exactly rare that. Every small town, local news thread has similar types of things. And to be honest, I’ve got a few examples here.
They’re probably not the best examples,
Because I just kind of put this together as I was thinking about it. And now that. I’ve got this in my, now that we’re doing the show, we can make this a regular bet. And as I see these things organically, I will pull them so we can do the best of the best, but let’s look at what we got. Here’s a story out of a CNY central that’s one of our local Sinclair owned new stations.
Okay. Movie theaters and pool halls received new opening guidance from the state on Monday. So. Very simple news article, but the reopening of movie theaters here in New York, wonder what they could say about that.
So here’s Pat and listen. First and foremost some folks asked me like, Hey man, are you, are you going to blur people’s names? No, I am not. And here’s why it takes too long.
Just being honest with you. But also these are public comments, people pub posted on a public news story. This wasn’t their private newsfeed. I will never share someone’s name in a thread. On a private or a personal feed or a chat. I will not do that, but these are public. These are out to the world.
These folks attach these comments to these stories that get thousands of views. They want thousands of eyeballs on their shit, and they are proud to attach their name to it. So why the hell would I deny them that.
All right. He says, if their boss enough to spew this film on a public feed, they already made their choice. And I agree. And that’s, that’s why I’m going with that. So Pat says, so let’s get this real story up to a week ago. The China virus cringe worst thing in the world that everyone is sick and dying.
Now a week later, it’s all clear. No more China virus, no more deaths from the China. Say it again, dude. Everything can open. Sounds like the demo Oak rats they love doing that. Killed thousands of small businesses over hate of Trump and nothing to do with the virus.
Maybe we should go back to, to Meghan McCain because her brand is stupid, was
not nearly this bad.
What the fuck are you talking about Pat?
You, you stupid backward ass. Fuck.
Everyone was sick and dying. And this week they’re not it doesn’t say this week. They’re not, this is an art. Look at the numbers. What they’re saying is eventually here’s how we can do it. Not the shit is over open things back up. Look, it was one year ago.
These people just make shit up in their fucking head and then they argue it like, it’s the truth. And then look at the fucking reactions, six thumbs and hearts.
This is how many people co-signed China, like Joe says. They killed thousands of small businesses over hate of Trump. That’s yeah, that’s it, there was no actual virus. Now the best part about all of this. And you’ll see this recurring theme in these folks is the viruses absolutely fake. And especially the numbers, the numbers are the fakest fucking thing.
Ever. People just dreamed them up. It’s total bullshit. Nobody died of these things. Except for the numbers that Cuomo supposedly hid. Those are totally true. And the worst thing ever.
Another story from the Utica observer dispatch is a local newspaper
not going to lie. I’ve never been a fan. Especially when they did an article on us and totally fucking misrepresented in tanked it. But you know, that’s a long, old story.
This story is about a, a woman immigrant who his father was deported. Now she helps Biden’s immigration push will bring her stability. If you’re going to talk about immigration stories in Utica. You are just trying to bake the trolls. Unfortunately, that’s just what it is. Joseph’s everything that supports my view is true.
Everything that discredits my view is fake. That’s 100% accurate
until she gets a job at that next round of illegals. Come in and take from her for a lesser wage in reduces her ban offense.
You know what this is, this is the classic Gardner. One of the all-time best South park takes lady. First of all,
how fucking insecure are you? If you have a career? That an undocumented immigrant could waltz right in and take,
I don’t see a lot of undocumented immigrants in the doctor’s office or the insurance company, or even the grocery store because these companies check these things. What the fuck job do you have that an illegal is going to take.
W this is just the stupidest, oldest fucking comment that we’ve ever had when it comes to immigration.
It’s just fucking dumb.
And then there’s this come in legally. Jill says. Mike’s has stopped coming to this country illegally and you won’t have that problem. Then Rob says, come in legally. It’s possible. I’ve seen it happen. Brilliant tape fuck heads. That’s what they’re trying to do. Immigration reform is about reforming the process for people to come here legally.
What part of this don’t you fucking re fucking what part of this? Don’t you get
over and over? It’s been told.
So if we, as Americans flood their countries illegally, would they let us in and give us money and make sure we are all settled. Let people try that in China, North Korea, middle East, Mexico, or basically any country. What a joke. This article is what a joke
listen, first of all, this is another one of those common takes, but you really got to think about. I watched happy Gilmore last night. And this, this reminds me of like the most classic happy Gilmore line, eight pieces of shit like you for breakfast, you eat pieces of shit for breakfast. That’s what this is.
Ha you wouldn’t get away with that in North Korea. So we should be North Korea, sir.
That’s what you would like,
just, you know, trying to follow your logic here.
It doesn’t really, I’m not sure that really computes, but sure. And one more time we keep talking about illegally, but the whole point. Is adjusting the legal process, by the way, we have to keep in mind that people coming here and applying for asylum, totally legal. There’s a legal process for that, including in Mexico.
Also, before we jump off of the immigration topic, I always like to point out in the last few years we have had negative net. Immigration look that up. Negative net immigration. That means more people have left this country then have come in. Immigration is a wedge issue
fed by bullshit. Look, you can see here
now. Here’s the best. Number what I was saying earlier about the, the COVID numbers.
Anytime the local news talks about COVID numbers, you know, you went for some fun. If seeing how dumb your neighbors are, is your idea of fun.
They can’t even get the weather, right. I’m not watching any news anymore. Fake news.
It’s the fucking weather like. For as long as we’ve had weathermen, there has been the joke that the weatherman is the only man in the world who gets to get it wrong every day.
It is not an exact science,
counting, dead people, unfortunately, slightly more exact.
I’m not watching any news anymore. Fake news. I mean, if you didn’t believe the news to start with,
I don’t know what the change here is, but again, as Joe said earlier, anything I don’t believe or don’t want to hear is fake. It’s looking almost. I’m almost jealous in a way, you know, they, they say ignorance is bliss, but like hopeless full. Is it? Because when you’re that fucking stupid, you gotta be like on cloud nine, right?
If that’s the case.
Then there’s the other common COVID numbers. Stupid fuck. Take
here’s Deb, Bob,
Deb, Bob couples’ account. Wonder who cheated. Anyway, when are you going to record report rather? What are you going to report? How many deaths from texting or flu victims or heart attacks or diabetes or depression
that doesn’t happen anymore? Everyone dies from COVID. Chris says, sorry.
Clicking the wrong thing. Tony, a local news top fan down at the bottom here. It says debit does not fit there. Wrong. There does not fit their narrative. They somehow forgot how drug overdose, TB cancer, or any other death.
They somehow forgot. Remember in February. Of 2020. They said, Mark, the deaths has China virus related. So that’s all you will hear about
China virus seems to be a reoccurring trend with these mouth breathers. Okay. Jack says, I think you need a, their, their, their t-shirt. Maybe I do. I really like the yours though.
First of all, again, this just highlights the futility. This is the reason I’m doing this on a podcast, not doing this on Facebook with these folks anymore, because the problem is you can point out how irrational and idiotic their fucking take is, and they will just come back and we deal with a stupid or fucking take.
When are you going to report how many deaths from heart attacks, DB, they report all those things. Those are statistics that you can look up at any time
here. I’ll prove it. Watch this, watch this. Make me look like an idiot. See what Alexa can do. Computer. How many people die from cancer each year? Here’s what I found on As of 2015, approximately 8 million people die from cancer annually. The centers for immediately, Alexa gave me an answer.
When are you going to report that
information is readily available, but it goes back to what, what the stupid fucks are saying. Of course. This all feeds into the same thing that the, the whole, everyone dies from. COVID doctors were told to Mark everything as COVID, so they’d get more money. Totally false, totally debunked, many, many, many months ago.
When are you going to report on these things? When the fucking pandemic is over, this is the topic today. Again. So, this is what I get it’s a few times, but I’ll do it anyway. Then there’s a Cuomo post. This is the ultimate upstate New York troll bait.
Texas for Christ’s sake. February is heart month. It’s an entire fucking month, right? What are they going to report on heart disease that never happens? Stupid. Fuck a news story from governor Cuomo on the state. Fair. If there’s any way we can open it safely, we will. Last year we had to cancel the fare altogether.
And when you think about it, there is no such thing as social distancing. And the great New York state fair. And I don’t think that would be possible. I don’t care what they do. I don’t care if they cut attendance to 10%, people are still going to be on top of each other. It’s unfortunately, I think just the nature of that type of event, where you’re trying to get at things and you’re trying to, you know, scares me, but already says, can they just.
Donate a wave wine slushie. Yes. The wine slushies are the best part of the state. Fair. Everybody knows that, but of course, good old ed here with his Trump, 2024 picture spoiler alert. I bet this guy ain’t going to have any Cuomo bias. Your going to be in jail. You have no say.
All I got to say to that. My friends,
that’s all I got to say.
Incredible. It’s just absolutely incredible.
we will have some more of this fun segment again in the future. If, if you’re Facebook friends with me, which I think everybody watching is because you guys are fucking awesome. You know, that I do the stupidest post of the day. Stupidest. Comment of the day on a pretty regular basis. We’re going to take those posts to the podcast.
We’re going to respond live. I’m going to tell people how fucking stupid they are right here on my show.
It explain why. And it’s going to be a good time. I might even, you know, this might be some good Tik TOK content. We’ll see, we’ll see how that works out. I am constantly striving for the right content on tech talk. My biggest challenge quite frankly, is, is just consistently putting it out there. I found that the key to Tik TOK is to just post, like it’s going out of style.
And I’ve started to do that, and I’ve started to get more and more traction. You should follow me at Matt, masur on tech talk, but there’s lots of fun over there in, and we’re going to get into it.
We are just about out of time. My friends, I’m pretty excited about that. Pretty excited that we had a good show today. CheckSys was I read comments on news stories. Can I tag you? That would be a great share buddy. Lot of people do that anyway. It’s, it’s amazing the number of people that folks that, that don’t even necessarily like comment or interact a lot folks that maybe I went to high school with, or folks that I’ve just known for a long time, but they’re not, they don’t engage a lot on social media.
But they clearly see all my stuff because they will randomly send me a message. They don’t want people in the public to know that they’re on my tip, but they’ll send me news stories. They’ll send me means they’ll ask me questions. Absolutely, man, we love tips. We love to group source content for the show.
Checking in on the chat corn merchant. Says, what did you discuss? Well, sounds like maybe you just joined us in, you missed a lot of the show, but we we discussed a lot of things and you can check them all out. If you go to three, one, five masur, you can watch the past shows. And later today, this entire episode will be up there.
Also, if you don’t want to wait for me to post later in the day, It takes a little while to process and export and get things on YouTube and encoded and all that happy horse shit. If you don’t want to wait right here on Twitch, you can just subscribe for free with your Amazon prime subscription. Become a subscriber to the Matt masur show channel right here on Twitch.
And then you can immediately watch the archives and the replays of the show as soon as they’re over. So to answer your question, corn merchant. We discussed lots of things you should sub and watch them
guys. I got to get out of here. I got a busy day. I got a lot of things going on. I got work things going on. Lots of adventures. We may have Tuttle tomorrow on the show. We’ll see if he doesn’t sleep in. Like he did last time. He called me yesterday. He was all excited. He he got into some kind of interview fight.
Well, it’s some crazy right wing woman. And I was the first person that he thought of to, to call and talk about that. Like we were just saying. So we’ll see how that goes. We’ll see if we can’t get some clips from that interview that he did and get him on here and just have some good, old fashioned fun on the mat masur show.
We will see you tomorrow. My friends.

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