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What is Herkimer 9? | The Matt Masur Show Clips

Matt Masur Show Clips

In this highlight, Brion from Herkimer 9 explains what it even is.

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What is Herkimer 9? | The Matt Masur Show Clips | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript:

What is Herkimer 9?
tell us what’s going on. Tell us the story. Hear the pitch.
Yeah. Hi, I’m I’m Brion Carroll. So it’s nice to meet you. I don’t generally do podcasts because I’m, you know, an old guy and you know that new tech, so it’s good to see you bridging technology into this area. So I appreciate that. And I appreciate your show. So. Just share where you’re familiar. And I’m originally from Herkimer grew up in the South of the fifties, sixties, and seventies, and left into the air force.
And then I attacked and then came back into the region about 35 years later looking at Herkimer and saying, Ooh, what happened? Because when I was a kid it definitely was something that you can feel safe on main street and you can enjoy a full breadth of. Activities and services and you could be a community.
That’s what I call a bedroom community. And that was days that would be manufacturing, maybe the future it’s the nail senators and things going on out there. And so on where people can come back and rest their bones and take their family out and go to dinner and have some entertainment and then go back home or whatever that doesn’t seem to be an obvious today.
And so, I’m also the chairman of the planning board. Okay. In 2018, we put together the master plan 2020, which if anyone wants to go look at all the, how you make a sausage and what the sausage looks like in the end, you can go to VO Herkimer 20 and you can download the content of the master plan and see all the vigilance that went through to develop it.
And the reason I say that is because it kind of brings up what we’re doing in the Herkimer nine world is Scott Flansburg who’s also from Herkimer is also what the industry in the world calls the human calculator. He saw the master plan, his sister still lives here, and it became obvious to him that, you know, Herkimer was downtrodden just through life and you know, this repair and so on.
And he combined that with. The book and let me just turn away from the camera for a second and look up this book up. This is fun, Jordan. There you go. I grew up with basketball and I grew up with basketball was written by Frank J Pat is a little, 1952 when it all names and details. The activity that the individual called Lambert Wil was involved in.
And that’s part of the piece that you wrote up where he was actually involved worked at the YMCA. And help to really develop the rules of basketball during its infancy. And we don’t believe he got enough credit. He was posted in his information, was posted in the in the hall of fame in Springfield for a year.
And then somebody yanked that out because they felt that it’s something they didn’t want to itch. Oh, wow. But what Scott was looking at is, you know, why can’t we bring the basketball history back into Herkimer. And that really is kind of the core of what we call her from her nine. So through her compliance program and the hurricane program, actually composes of two different forms of business initiative, one is a for-profit side and that would include placing within what we’d call the, the block between main street and prospect with church at his North border.
In that block area would be placed a, a, what we call the Lambert we’ll field house and event center. And that actually would be a 5,000 seats stadium event place where basketball could be played. Volleyball could be played. Concerts could be had shows, could be delivered in. That’s really kind of like the, the core to bring visitors and tourists into the area for a purpose.
And. That automatically opens up with a lot more individuals coming through the region, instead of just flying off to, you know, old forge or down to Cooperstown, they actually have a reason to stop and stay. And, and so that opens up other things that are in that same timeframe of the Lambertville, which is the Palmer house.
The Palmer house is really a disrepair. It’s a hotel of, of grand jury back in the day. And that would be part of what we classify as the hospitality end of this, where that Palmer house and the apartments across the street from it all being in the 18 hundreds and early 19 hundreds, when they were built, that would actually be the hotel and suites area so that we could actually accommodate tourism, tourists, and people also the, a Masonic temple, which is up the road a bit from.
It’s right near the four corners, which is the historic Fort partners. Yeah. I actually had a conversation with someone who, whose name, I can’t say, but is actually from Herkimer and as a chef, does, you’re a chef grander, like you were talking about the guy before as the book and all that. So this guy is actually a kind of sewer kind of chef, but all over the world worked in worked at heck.
The Olympics, he actually ran the Olympics, the food service, and then the Marriott, the Marriott corporate. Then he’s all this vision. And we actually had a conversation with him yesterday, and we want to turn the Masonic temple into a what I’ll call a little bit more upscale than Applebee’s, but not crazy in the bottom floor.
And then on the upper floor have a banquet hall because people that are doing sporting events want to be able to meet in large masses and do things. So. And so you can see that also the Quackenbush, the Quackenbush has a learning center in our mind, right? 50 inventions were there like the, the ladder and the bicycle and the BB and all these things from Quackenbush.
So that building, we want to turn into what we call a youth steam, which is science, technology, engineering, arts, and math center in the bottom. The second floor would be an adults team, meaning individuals that want to shift their, their skillset can learn new technologies and learn new skills and actually become part of a.
We’ll call it a digital workforce. And then on the top floor would be the incubator lab and the incubator lab would actually enable people to be able to say, I got an idea. Let me, let me, let me start, you know, flushing it out. And so that incubator lab and business development center would allow the birthing of, of new ideas, new businesses, new industries, who knows.
And so. You can begin to see, you know, what we’re looking to do is really kind of like back to the future. You know, we want to take things from the past, give them a a real clear face, but within the program of Herkimer nine, it really begins to, you know, kind of umbrella these activities. The steam would be not-for-profit.
We also looked at the park. I don’t know if you’ve ever went past the dump when I was a kid. We used to actually go dump picking for copper and brass and aluminum. Right? Bring it a little Dolly down and filling up and drop back and sell it. So that beyond the, the dump is this we call it, I, we just term it point park because it goes to a point.
And in there we’re working with the Erie group to see how we can take that, which is about 30 something acres. Plus the land that’s behind Lowe’s, which is about 60 acres. Both of those would be kind of, kind of be point park. And as the movie said in a river, ran through it. Right. So that begins to enable us the ability to have biking, nature, trails, pavilions.
And so I incredible. So you begin to see how this begins to shape out. We also were talking to the library yesterday. We think they’re a vital part of learning and education. And so they’re currently in a building that they’re, you know, having funding to repair the roof and all these other things. And we’d like to take that and say, is that where you want to be?
Or, and if so, how do we facade that building? So it fits into what we’d call the motif of the 1890s and early, early 19 hundreds. But you can begin to see how this has so many different tentacles. And we’re getting a lot of excitement from individuals that are on the board, individuals, in the industry, individuals in basketball.
And a lot of people that left and said in Jordan’s one of the, Jordan’s one of them she left and they said, wait, something’s going on? And whoosh, she came back. So hopefully, you know, the pride, what, what, what I find is when I talk to people from Herkimer as with myself, you know, I grew up here and you kind of leave, but never forget.
And the point is so many people have reminisces of good times and comfort and happiness, and they come back and they become sorrowful and we really want to take and make it so that, you know, they have pride, but now they have a reason to stay or come back and visit or reference friends to it because it really can be what it was before.
So. I know I went through a lot of stuff, but so much of that speaks to me specifically, you know, the coming back cause I’ve, you know, I live outside of the Syracuse area right now and I love what I consider my home and I still consider it my home, even though I, you know, I haven’t necessarily lived there for many years now.
And, and the idea of having opportunity to come back for and, and the idea of you know, being able to draw. So much of the talent, because a lot of people will tell you for years, we’ve got in a very close radius, all these wonderful educational institutions, and we’ve got well-educated well-trained folks that.
Take that and go somewhere else. Just because of, you know, and you certainly can’t blame them. It’s a matter of their opportunities. So as we’re building opportunities at home, as I consider it, I couldn’t love that more. And especially when you talk about incubators, there’s a special place in my heart for, for incubators as a startup owner and somebody who got a lot of advantage in an incubator when I got my start and to see these things.
Again, in the Valley is, is almost unheard of these are types of things that you, you don’t generally see when we’re talking about economic development and new things and you know, in that region. And, and to hear people talk about bringing that to Herkimer New York is just absolutely phenomenal to hear.

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