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Why Ilion NY Mayor Brian Lamica Must Resign | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

In one man’s personal opinion, Mayor Brian Lamica is not fit for office as a Mayor and is a massive liablity to the Village of Ilion, NY and it’s residents as well as the people of Herkimer County who’s public safety services are diminished by Mayor Lamica’s actions.

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Why Ilion NY Mayor Brian Lamica Must Resign | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript:

Mayor Lamica Must Resign
I don’t like getting in the in the business of telling people, especially politicians that they should leave office. I take that very seriously. They were elected. There’s a term. It’s easy to get them out after that term, if they’re really that bad, in my opinion, you’ve gotta be pretty egregious to, for me anyway, to call for you to step down while in progress, even if I don’t like you.
But we find ourselves here ironically find myself here calling for the resignation of not only governor Cuomo, but also mayor Brian Lamica. The mayor of Ilion New York.
And just, you know, you can go to the merchant I’ll provide the link in the bottom and you can grab some shirts in support of this effort in support of the alien firefighters. And you could buy this great, Mr. Mayor, please resign. T-shirt.
I don’t sell these things to profit off them. I want to make that clear any, any profit made off of these particular shirts will go to the legal fees or the legal funds, whatever the firemen in alien need. I’m just gonna be straight straight forward about that. I’m not trying to profit on this. I’m trying to give folks a way to express their opinion.
The reason that I went from criticizing to calling for the resignation of mayor Lamakaan. Is because he’s made it very, very clear that he has no interest in how things are supposed to work. Not this is a man that was a career police officer. This is a man. I respected as a police officer, by the way, this is one of the few guys that in my mind showed me an example of a cop who wasn’t totally out of control,
but now he’s the mayor. And unfortunately has this police officer mindset and the police officer mindset. And I don’t agree with it, but again, we’re not going to debate this. Their mindset is take action to resolve the situation at hand. I’m not responsible for the consequences of that action. My job is to do what I feel is best at that particular moment.
All on my own. That’s not the way most, anything else in the world works. And it is especially not the way elected office works. There are rules, there are contracts, there is a village charter, and I have a couple of those things to show you, all of those things say what you can and can’t do. And they say how you’re supposed to go about these things, mayor , he don’t give a fuck about any of that.
He didn’t bother a read that stuff in advance before he was elected. He didn’t bother to school himself on it. When he took the position, he didn’t bother to look at any of this stuff. As he’s taken all these actions, it’s completely. Completely irresponsible completely in violation of so many things.
It’s not even funny open meetings laws. I mean, it’s been reported to me that he’s conducted multiple village board meetings without even calling the meeting to order. Now, this is one of those goofy, like parliamentarian you know, procedures that we have in, in government, but it is a legal thing. And technically, if you don’t call the meeting to order nothing he did in the meeting is legal.
He don’t give a fuck, you know, do, do whatever you want. Figure it out later, that’s that’s what a mayor can do, right? No, no, but that’s the attitude that Brian Laumaka brings to his office. This here is a piece of Ilion. New York’s charter basically says what the town can and can’t do in it. It talks about the ambulance service, which is run by the alien fire department.
You might note here, section B, the administrator designated by the village board shall be, shall provide for staffing of the department solely from personnel employed by the village of alien and fire department. This is an important thing because what this is saying is if you want to run the village ambulance service, You have to be an employee of the alien fire department.
Why is this important? Well, because the mayor has just without discussion and not allowing public comment, even on the matter has entered into an agreement with a neighboring municipality, the city of little falls to use their fire chief to run the Ilian fire department two days a week for half a day, each day,
complete and clear violation of the villages charter in simpler terms. It just doesn’t work that way. Did the mayor of Lillian bothered to look at that? No. Has he even seen what I’m showing you on the screen? At least before he made these decisions? If I were a betting, man, I’d say no.
Dan and the Chad says, he thinks he’s fucking Ron fucking Swanson. Ron fucking Swanson is awesome. Listen, Ron Swanson might’ve been an anti-government libertarian,
but at least he had common sense. He would at least read the rule book and figure out how to do the shit he wants to do. According to the rules. We ain’t got that here. What we’ve got is, again, someone who acts first worries about the consequences later.
It’s not how you administer a town, Mr. lamica you were clearly unqualified and unfit to hold this position. You have made statements that are untrue and defamatory to the media multiple times. He’s clearly stated that people are on under investigation when they are not,
he has done this all under the threat of some sort of liability. That’s what this whole thing is about. We got an anonymous complaint, not an anonymous complaint. We got a complaint from a disgruntled former employee. The complaint has not been disclosed. The employee has not been disclosed,
but the village had to take action according to the mayor, because that complaint could be a potential liability. The mayor’s reaction
is an absolute liability. It’s not a potential liability. It’s not maybe lawsuits from multiple parties are coming. They already have a $450 law firm working on this issue. Keep in mind, the village civilian has an attorney, a standing village attorney like any municipality does. They got a regular lawyer on retainer.
Apparently he’s not good enough for that. Okay. Concerned about this liability that we’re spending 450 bucks click to bring in an expert. I mean, is that literally not what you were trying to avoid? Is that not your excuse that you know, the liability cause of what it could cause cost us. Right. It’s costing you now.
It’s, it’s absolutely incredible. I also have, and I’ll link you to this cause this is long, but I also have a copy of the alien fire departments, union contract. This is a signed binding contract. As any union agreement is between an employer and the union, the workers, this case, the employers, the village villain in it.
It clearly defines the procedures for discipline and investigations. What’s supposed to happen.
How things are are supposed to go the rights of the accused. And I’m not going to take you through every paragraph of this, but I encourage you, especially if you’re watching this video later on to click the link and read through it,
because it gives some very, very clear steps that you will see have not been followed at all. So now we’re in violation of the open meetings rules. We are breaking the union contract are in violation of the villages charter. And again, my biggest issue with all of these things is the fact that the mayor didn’t care to know any of this stuff before he acted before he put the village in this position, before he put the residents and the taxpayers in this position, again, we want to talk about liability.
This is a massive liability. 100% created by mayor. Lanica 100%. He is solely responsible for this. So if by his own logic, if you are responsible for creating an incredible liability against the village, you need to go mayor Lamakaan by his own token needs to go.
Right. We can’t possibly have any liabilities in this village. Especially, not from pure and competence, which is exactly what this is. This man is not qualified to be an elected official. He doesn’t have the patience to read the fucking rule book, keep in mind he was a cop understanding the law should be something that you know, was ingrained in him, but it’s not.
And again, that comes from American law enforcement where they get to act in its prosecutors and courts. They get to sort the shit out. There’s almost no accountability for an officer that makes an arrest for something that you really shouldn’t charge somebody for, or couldn’t charge somebody for, or isn’t enough evidence for right happens every day in America.
Cops do, as I say, I mean, even lawyers will tell you that you’re getting arrested at cops, giving you a hard time. You don’t fight with a cop. You don’t give him a hard time. You deal with it in court, you deal with it with the prosecutor. You don’t make your situation worse. Right? And the cops know that you can’t bring that mentality to executive elected office.
It does not work that way.
I don’t know. We will have more on this issue going forward. I’ve got some more interviews scheduled. We’re going to keep you up to date on this. Of course, this is a I don’t want to say rapidly evolving thing because one of the biggest issues is they’ve dragged their feet out. Unfortunately, it’s a thing that probably isn’t going to come to resolution soon,
just wasted more money and more resources. And by the way, the village of in the entire Herkimer County is that a public safety deficit because of this.

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