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BREAKING NEWS: Ilion Fire Chief Placed On Administrative Leave, New Budget Calls for NO CHIEF | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

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Breaking news out of Ilion New York in the continuing mysterious dispute between the Mayor and the Village’s Fire Department.

We first cover last night Village board meeting where citizens were not allowed to ask any sort of questions on the matter. They did release their 2022 budget which doesn’t include paying for a Fire Chief!

Then today during the show we learned that Chief Pederson was placed on administrative leave and was under investigation as of today.

315Live.FM and The Matt Masur Show will continue it’s coverage of this story…. Regardless of how the mayor may feel about that.

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BREAKING NEWS: Ilion Fire Chief Placed On Administrative Leave, New Budget Calls for NO CHIEF | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript:

BREAKING NEWS on Ilion Fire Department!
This story becomes more and more infuriating as time goes on, but we’ve got some updates from alien. I think the best way to jump into this and start out with the, channel two, the local news story on the board meeting that took place last night.
channel two has been, doing a good job of covering this in my opinion, or at least, well covering what’s public, I should say. They’re not really digging deep. I think we’re the forefront of that in central New York, but let’s see what they had to say topic. Once again, tonight’s village board meeting in Ilian had to do with the village fire department.
Residents came looking for answers, but walked away with more questions instead new tonight. Seating was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, but those who did come, came and supported the alien fire department, I just want to point out yet you see those shirts to these shirts, TV shirts
to this shirt.
You’re welcome.
I couldn’t be more proud of the fact that the shirts that I made are prominent at this board meeting, staring the mayor in the face. The mayor is not happy that people are talking about this. He’s specifically not happy that I’m talking about this. And I have a reason to know that that’s a fact which I’m not going to get into.
But with all that in mind, I just want them to know I made these you’re welcome wearing red t-shirts that red. I stand with alien firefighters alien mayor. Brian Laumaka has stated that he would not comment on the ongoing investigation involving the department. But it felt it was necessary to set the record straight following some statements that had been posted on social media.
Some statements that have been posted on social media. I’ll let you hear it. Deal of initiatives because that kind of assertions on social and other media. Our only focus is to provide a legally compliant workplace, not just for a select few of our entire workforce. If individuals are found at the contrary to the walk in her village policy, they must be called in town.
So a couple of things on that statement, and I don’t know how well you could hear it. It wasn’t super well miked up, but he had his pre pre-written statement. Where he said, we’ve got to act in accordance. And if, if individuals in the village acted in a way, that is wrong, we have to deal with it accordingly.
That’s one of those statements that you can’t argue with, right? You’re like, well, of course, you’ve got to deal with these things and if something’s wrong, you got to act accordingly. That’s reasonable. None of this is acting accordingly. this, this so-called investigation has been going on for months and months and months and months, nobody even knows what the accusation is or what the potential accusation, if it’s an investigation of something that happened in the past, you, you gotta wonder how far do you have to dig to know whether or not said thing happened?
and on top of that, there’s a million of other procedures of how you go about these things that aren’t being followed. But then we can talk about the hypocrisy of this statement. When the man sitting right up there with the mayor, the deputy mayor has publicly threatened physical harm against residents.
It’s well-documented in emails and even on the radio. You can Google it. Charles Lester Ilian. See what stories come up. You’ll see where he talked about cutting a person’s fingers off. So they couldn’t type on social media. These folks have a real big issue with social media. Apparently they have a real big issue with folks discussing what’s going on in their town.
Well, welcome to politics gentlemen.
But, by the way that guy I was talking about who was going to cut a citizen’s fingers off, if he saw them in public,
how was he dealt with accordingly? Was he removed from his position? No. Reprimanded. Now did anything at all happened to this man? No, but by the way, he is. One of the players in deciding what’s happening with the fire department.
okay. I have some breaking news on the story. I’m going to share with you in a minute. I feel like we should at least get through, This newest piece, following the mayor’s remarks, Bonnie coffin, a resident there support in support of the firefighters requested to speak about the issue during the public comment session, but things got a little heated.
I’m going to ask you about first. Let me ask you about procedure procedure.
I’m going to, see if I can turn up the volume. I got a little tool here where I can sometimes overcrank it. Cause I really want you to hear this, and I really want you to hear Bonnie because she’s great session, but things got a little heated. The better. Let me ask you about procedure procedure. I bet
just want to make a note.
If you can hear there now, quick little, little back. Story on this too, to even be allowed to speak even mind, this is a public town meeting, but even to be allowed to speak, you have to get yourself on the agenda in advance. Bonnie did that. She’s listed on the agenda. She was recognized as a person who could speak and ask questions.
So she did. And you can hear the mayor arguing with her. And then telling her, all right, he’s done. That’s it. You’re not allowed to speak anymore.
And he wants to know why people are criticizing him on social media.
following the exchange. The mayor instructed the Ilian police chief to remove any individuals. If they continued to disrupt the proceedings. The hot top,
the police will remove you. If you folks, even those who were on the agenda dare speak.
This is why I called for the mayor’s resignation over a week ago. Now
he’s not qualified to hold this position. He doesn’t have the mentality to take the criticism or even the very basic legitimate questions that his constituents have about the job he’s doing. He could very well be the most. Well-intentioned have no desire to do anything sinister. Nothing corrupt whatsoever.
He could really, really, really in his mind be on the up and up and doing the right thing for his town. But it doesn’t matter at this point because he’s going so far off the book in how he’s approached these things that any good intentions are long lost.
This isn’t how you go about anything. Especially not how you go about treating your constituents when they have questions that you have left for them, you have created this situation and then you get mad and say, Oh, I don’t want people talking about this on social media. I don’t want people talking about this in any media.
geez. I wonder what he’s talking about. You’ve created that opportunity by failing to give anyone every, any information of what’s going on. What do you expect you expect? Everybody’s just going to sit on their thumbs and well, when Brian’s ready, he’ll let us know what’s happening with the safety of our village. No, that’s not how it works.
That’s not how it’s ever worked. Why on earth would you think that’s the way it would work? Also the idea that, people shouldn’t speak about these matters is of course the most un-American concept I’ve ever heard in my entire life. We have freedom of the press. We have freedom of speech. We have the freedom to question our government.
Sorry, Brian, once again, you don’t seem to understand the most basic principles. Of American government. You are not qualified to hold any elected office. I don’t know if they vote for dog catcher,
but this is absurd. I’m going to give you some facts. And then again, I have some very late breaking news as in, something that happened while we are on the air in this story that I’m going to tell you about. It’s it’s pretty incredible. let me just get these in front of myself so I can see them.
All right. I got a whole list.
first and foremost, the village doesn’t have a chief. They have made this arrangement, as we talked about previously to use the city of little falls as fire chief temporarily and part-time. And, one of the newest things that we have discovered is that Allianz 20, 22 aliens next year’s budget has come out.
And in it for the fire department, the budget lists having five deputy chiefs and no fire chief,
the union contract between the firefighters union and the village. Civilian only has three deputy chiefs and an option for a fourth, and it must have a fire chief. These are, these are, well-documented easy to find contracts and agreements you can look at for yourself. If you’re, you don’t have to take my word for any of this.
And don’t look at this, look it up, dig into it, find out what the hell is happening. Don’t listen to a word. This city, it says.
Next year’s budget. If you look it up, you will see five deputy chiefs and no chief.
again, this, this, there was no public discussion on this. anytime you even try to talk about the fire department, as you can see in a meeting. You get threatened with removal from the police department, even if you’re on the agenda. but what they’re telling us here without saying it is what they’ve decided to do, get rid of the fire chief and not even have one.
Hmm. Also by contract who was supposed to run the alien codes department. So by having no chief, you have no codes officer potentially, which obviously is impossible. So they’ll make somebody else the codes officer, which again, might be in violation of another contract or charter don’t care rules, laws, agreements.
Now we roll an alien. Now we’re just going to do whatever we decide is right for the town and why? Because we said, so why else shut the fuck up? You’re not allowed to ask questions.
if you want to talk about. Procedures. We should also look about just how they are conducting their meetings. And this is something we’ve brought up in the past. There are basic procedures to a number of different things. There are procedures is how you start a meeting and run a meeting. There are procedures as to how you go into executive session and when you come out of it and what you must do and what you must disclose.
This isn’t happening. we’re going in and out of executive session. They are not telling people why. They’re not telling people what is discussed.
Also the issue where the mayor, is making bold face lies to the, what do I mean? He stated multiple times. And I believe specifically the last board meeting that he has, no knowledge of the investigations that are going on and no part of it. Now, first of all, this is just ludicrous to start with because frankly w why would he have no knowledge?
I mean, you’re the mayor, we’ve all watched law and order all the time. You know, downtown wants to know what’s happening with this case. It’s it’s, it’s not inappropriate. you know, and maybe if there’s details, because of course his son is an alien firefighter and then maybe that’s what he’s trying to distance himself.
Like he’s, impartial, but it’s, it’s bullshit. Anyway, because of the documentation we do have we see that the mayor has, voted on the issue multiple times and we see that he’s clearly well aware of what’s going on. In the investigation. So why would you say otherwise it doesn’t even make sense. also a lot of these moves that we’re finding aren’t documented on anything, you know, it’s, it’s interesting what you’re able to find from what’s documented as well as what is omitted.
But I want to give you some, status pre 8:00 AM, and then I’ll give you the, the latest
create am. the chief Tom Peterson was not on administrative leave. He was actually scheduled to come back to work. He had met with the village and multiple, union reps and they told him that, they wanted him to come and finish up some loose ends on some codes work. And then he was going to be back on a shift as a deputy chief, but working in the firehouse.
He was on board with this. He did the day of a code stuff, buttoned those things up and was never brought back to the fire station. When asked why you’re told that the lawyer was still digging into the laws, the, the extra lawyer, not the village lawyer, who’s normally on retainer, the extra $450 an hour, expert.
They brought in. To deal with this situation who clearly wasn’t even schooled enough on civil service law to give them advice when they needed it at the time or so is their excuse. Right? I can’t, I can’t totally not that guy. Cause there’s a good chance that he’s just their excuse.
Tom was not put back. last night’s board meeting happened. You saw what went down. The mayor and the other board members are upset that they’re even being questioned. And as of this morning, the alien police shut up on the fire chief store and served him with paperwork from the village saying that he is on administrative leave.
And as of today is under investigation. As of today, in mind, they’d pulled them out and claimed that there was some sort of investigation all this time and there wasn’t had nothing to do with him. Anyway, they were investigating other things, which by the way, they’ve yet to interview. The other firefighter who was actually under investigation.
but Dan, in the chat, no, they didn’t tell him what the investigation was about other than, his conduct as a mayor of, or as a member of the fire department or something along those lines. Don’t quote me on that. But it was, it was something very generic of, the reason for this is, what you did at work.
Again, I’m paraphrasing, but it doesn’t go more deep than that. So, w I guess you could say that it’s likely to speculate that their executive session that they went into last night, that they failed to disclose what was about or any sort of thing, was to do this. And in my personal opinion, I think this is a result of the pressure that’s being applied.
This is they’re coming at us. I don’t want to say that it’s necessarily a revenge type of thing, but I’m sure there’s a little tinge of that. But I think it’s, there’s a high focus on us. We’ve got to act, we’ve got to act like we’re doing something. People are calling us out on the fact that there are no details and we’re claiming there’s an investigation when there technically was not until this morning.
I don’t, I don’t know, man. I’m very.
I’m very confused. I’m very upset. The biggest issue with this. And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If there’s any, if, if gentlemen did something horrific, I agree appropriate measures should be taken appropriate.
Appropriate actions should be taken. Everybody agrees with that. That’s not what’s happening here. This is a, we predetermined an outcome and now we have to work our way to justifying it. Like this is again, why I’ve called for the resignation of this mayor is because this is sort of standard politics, right?
Right. You can do this in towns. If you play the game the right way, you tell the public what you want to do, you sell it to them.
One would argue. There’s a case to make here. Even if you spin it a particular way, and then you show a little bit of transparency or at least the illusion of transparency.
And you wouldn’t have half these issues or this scrutiny, this wouldn’t be a TA. I probably wouldn’t even be talking about this if that’s what was going on, but that’s not what’s going on. What’s going on in alien right now is, we decide first tell you about it. Never get mad if you ask us about it.
Threaten you with the police. If you dare speak at your village board meeting, that’s where we’re at with this stuff. I mean, it’s absolutely absolutely insane.
So the question becomes, you know, couple of weeks ago, Tom was going to be back on the shift. He was going to be working in the firehouse again. And yet today he’s officially on leave and he’s officially under investigation. Now, again, in my personal opinion, this could possibly be the best thing ever, because if you’re saying that now, you’re, you’re really locking yourself into particular things and in particular procedures, which will most likely work.
And the chiefs benefit if the chief is truly, not at fault, as I personally believe that he is, I don’t believe there’s any real issue with the chief.
So please investigate, please. You’ve been claiming this entire time that he was under investigation, which was a blatant lie as is proved this morning.
A sheet of paper that said as of today, not as of months ago, when this action was taken and when you were disclosing to the media, the mayor wants to get mad about what people are talking about on social media. What about the lies you are putting out to the television media? You claimed he was under investigation weeks ago.
You said that in a public statement, I called that out. I mentioned how that might be defamatory.
Maybe they had to make sure it was true. So it couldn’t be used as defamation again. Action. First figure out how to iron it out later or just don’t. Like Dan says, the reason was we’ll make something up later. Right? Right. Got to have an investigation into what, what is even the accusation. What is so horrible that we are going to cripple public safety in our area
and why the hell don’t people deserve an explanation? To that very basic question
might be something you want to look into. You’ve also got a wonder, we’ve got this plan now we’ve got this budget with no fire chief and supposedly this arrangement with little falls is temporary. Does this budget show us that that plan is. Really going to be the permanent plan. So alien technically doesn’t have a chief, but they have their, their borrowed chief, which you remember their, their whole scheme.
There is, they’re going to exchange some labor Allianz. A bookkeeper is going to help the city of little falls and there’s going to be no money exchanged. So of course it wouldn’t be in the budget
check. So sounds like Tom should run for mayor. A lot of people might agree with it, Jack, but I don’t know that if he, I don’t know that he wants it. you know, I’ve, I’ve not obviously spoken about that specifically, but,
you know, pardon me. If I was in that situation, I would feel that same way. Like, I’ll show you another part of me. He was like, you know what, who needs this noise? Peace out, you know, I don’t know. But, but what is very important, and again, I’ve spoken about this and I’ll say this again, even if you don’t live in alien, New York, first and foremost, if you live in Herkimer County, your public safety services are impacted by this, but also if you live in New York state or even the United States of America, the village civilian gets significant state and federal funding.
Your tax dollars are being burned on this. It’s it’s incredible
dance. You have to work with the board that signed off on this mess too. Yeah. Yeah. I would fully agree with that. And to be honest, they’ve gotten a pass way too much. The mayor has, the face of this just due to his horrible ability to run the situation. But. They are no doubt all on board, no pun intended.
These other folks are not challenging. It, they’re not speaking about it. you know, normally in a board you have some sort of descent you have at least one or two people that says, Hey, maybe we should say something or, you know, Doesn’t seem to be happening in alien, which again, just leads to even more and more questions.
What the hell is going on in alien as time goes on, as they said in the opening of the channel two news piece. More questions rather than fewer emerge as time goes a hundred.
What the hell? I don’t know. It is absolutely an incredible situation. Jackie Lillian is a paid fire department.
Civil service professional firefighters
with a union, by the way.
again, if you, you want to learn more about this situation, we are doing our best to cover it. And I think, not to Pat myself on the back, but I think we’re doing one of the best jobs of covering it. If for no reason other than, we’re giving you more details than anybody else will, we will continue to do that here on the mat major show.
And on three, one five live, you know, the goal of three, one five live is to be a local entertainment, but also news and information site for our community. And, the three, one five is a wide stretching area, but we’re also a very close knit. It doesn’t matter what part of the area you’re in. So I appreciate everybody, watching the show tuning in today.
please follow and subscribe on Twitch as well as on YouTube, that helps us quite a bit. you’ll be able to find these clips and share them all over the place. And of course, like the three, one five live page on Facebook where you’ll get the latest updates as well. ring a little bell. Do you want notifications?
Yes. Sign up for all that. It’s good stuff. clearly this situation is again, moving there’s more to it. There’s more happening. and I’m guessing maybe at this point, that’ll even pick up. So stay tuned for breaking news on this story and others, and also stay tuned for the replay of the Matt major show that will be coming up in just a moment.
As soon as we end here, we’ll flip on the replay. So if you missed anything, all you got to do is just sit tight and you’ll catch it. But we’ll also be back tomorrow. 8:00 AM. Okay. Right here on Twitch TV. I very much appreciate everybody joining the show. We will see you guys next week tomorrow.

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